June 5-6

Westin Gaslamp Quarter Hotel, San Diego



Continuing a tradition

Sponsored as a partnership between NASCUS and the Credit Union Natl. Assn. (CUNA), our fourth annual cybersecurity symposium picks up where our first three, impressive programs left off. Hear and see cutting-edge techniques, best practices and procedures that protect your organization from the latest threats.

At our 2016 session in Chicago, about a dozen cybersecurity experts from across the nation -- in more than 13 hours of educational presentations, discussions, demonstrations and panel/group discussions -- led a spirited discussion of the issues and interests swirling in the world of cybersecurity. A few examples:

Chad Carrington, Golden 1 CU, highlighted six things participants could do right now to improve information security;

Det. Mark Solomon, Connecticut Financial Crimes Task Force, Greenwich Police Department, discussed law enforcement’s view of cyber crime;

Michelle Misko, Trace Security, outlined choosing the right cybersecurity risk assessment tool;

Jim Vilkers, CU*Answers, addressed cybersecurity, anti-money laundering, and identity theft red flags;

Bruce Jolly, Reed & Jolly; Rich Schulman, Esp Kruezer Cores, LLC, outlined cybersecurity, breaches and litigation;

Mick Kless, Compliance Education Institute, discussed preparing a vendor exit strategy.