NISCUE Needs Your Support

The National Institute of State Credit Union Examination (NISCUE), through the generosity of credit unions like yours, funds training programs designed specifically for state credit union examiners. These programs are offered throughout the year at locations across the country and via the Internet to ensure that training is available when examiners in your state need it.

Why does NISCUE sponsor training for state examiners?
NISCUE sponsors training for state examiners for a variety of reasons - first and foremost - to foster the NASCUS mission of advocating for a safe and sound credit union system. NASCUS credit union members who support NISCUE do so because they know that a well-trained credit union examination force is essential to a dynamic and successful state credit union system. States need a reliable source of cost efficient, quality training. They also need training that meets state needs and addresses state differences.

How are NISCUE funds used?
States pay nominal registration fees for NISCUE-sponsored schools to cover direct costs of attending such as lodging and meals. NISCUE funds cover the costs of speaking fees, training materials and other related expenses of planning and conducting quality training. NISCUE underwrites the cost of training exclusively for state credit union department personnel.

How can you make a donation?
Please join your fellow NASCUS credit union members in supporting state examiner education. View a list of recent NISCUE donors here. To donate, download the below donation form. NASCUS will transfer the funds to NISCUE, or enclose a separate share draft made payable to NISCUE. Several credit unions have asked us for suggested donation amounts. The following chart presents recommended donations based on credit union asset size, however, all donations are welcome and appreciated.

All state regulatory agencies will be provided with a complete listing of all NISCUE supporters, and your institution will be recognized as a NISCUE supporter at NASCUS' Annual Summit and in many of NASCUS publications. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Doug McGuckin, NASCUS' director of administrative services and board relations, (703) 528-8351.

Asset Size (in millions)

Suggested Annual Donation

Less than $3


$3 to $5


$5 to $10


$10 to $15


$25 to $50


$50 to $75


$75 to $100


$100 to $250


$250 to $1 billion


$1 billion and more