NASCUS Credit Union Membership

Standing Committees

NASCUS Credit Union members serve in an advisory capacity on some of NASCUS' Standing Committees. The Performance Standards Committee and Task Forces are regulators only. To view regulator members of NASCUS Committees, click here.

NASCUS Audit Committee

Committee Mission:
The Audit Committee mission is to perform oversight review of all NASCUS financial activity.

Credit Union Members:
Scott Burgess (Rivermark Community CU, OR) (2018) 
Cheryl DeBoer (Advia CU, MI) (2017)

NASCUS Education Committee

Committee Mission:
The Education Committee is a standing committee responsible for designing, promoting and providing educational programs and training for employees of NASCUS members. The Committee also oversees the preparation and coordination for the NASCUS State System Summit. The Committee monitors results and submits educational and training recommendations to the Board for consideration.

Credit Union Members:
2017-2018 Education Committee Roster Pending

NASCUS Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee

Committee Mission:
The Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee is a standing committee that works to advance legislative and regulatory solutions that preserve a viable and attractive state credit union system. The committee, comprised of regulators, credit unions, and leagues, develops NASCUS’ comment letters, recommends NASCUS policy positions, and guides NASCUS legislative activity.

The Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee also oversees special projects designed to enhance the state charter. These special projects have included evaluating model state regulation and legislation, developing protocols to enhance interstate branching, tracking state powers and authorities, and disseminating best practices.

The work of the Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee is conducted primarily by e-mail and monthly conference calls. During these monthly calls, NASCUS staff briefs committee members on a wide range of issues confronting the state credit union system. The committee meets in person once a year in conjunction with the NASCUS Summit and annual meeting of the membership.

Committee membership is open to all NASCUS members. For more information about the Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee, or to lend your voice and expertise to the enhancement of the state system by joining the committee, contact

Credit Union Members
John Holt (Nutmeg CU, CT) -Vice Chair
Michael Calcote (Elevations CU, CO)
Kelly Botti (TruMark Financial CU, PA)
Mike Ryan (BECU, WA)
Daryl Sawyer (Greater Cincinnati CU, OH)
Jeanne Couchois (Carolinas CU League)
Jared Ross (LSCU)
Jim Phelps (Cornerstone League)
Gretchen Ziegler (Cornerstone League)
John Trull (NWCUA)
Jill Nowacki (CT CU League)
Amy Sink (Interra CU, IN)
Steven Ritchie (Orange County’s CU, CA)
Bob Donley (Members CU, NC)
Christina Mihalik (PCUA, PA)
Colleen Knoll (PSCU, CO)
Cindy Connelly (GA League)
Teresa Halleck (San Diego County CU, CA)
Judy Britt (CT League)
Alison Phelan (BECU, WA)
Brian Holst (Elevations CU, CO)
Joseph G. Bergeron (Association of Vermont Credit Unions)