Disaster recovery center/resources

The state credit union system believes that being ready for disasters -- natural, man-made or otherwise -- must be a guiding principle in ensuring the system's safety and soundness. The resources here are listed to help the state system face and deal with disaster challenges as they arise.

General Disaster Info (provides general information, individual assistance, etc.)

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)

FEMA Advises Disaster Applicants to Beware of Rumors, Misinformation, and Fraud


Disaster Assistance Resources (provided by the┬áDisaster Assistance Improvement Program’s (DAIP), with more general information, etc.)

Disaster Assistance Resource Page


Homeland Security Department



State resources

  • Louisiana
  • Tennessee (updated Bulletin issued to state chartered banks, credit unions and trust companies re: emergency preparedness guide)


Hurricane/Disaster Resource Page (links/guidance)


Small Business Administration

Disaster Recovery Resources

Disaster Loan Fact Sheet

SBA Disaster Press Releases

No-charge SBA/Agility Recovery disaster recovery webinars