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2019 Agenda


Downloadable calendar of 2019 events coming soon (2018 calendar available here)

NASCUS Symposium: Cannabis Banking

June 25-26

Universal City, CA


As uncertainty prevails regarding the permissibility of banking state legalized cannabis businesses, every financial institution should be discussing what its policy will be with respect to those accounts. And even those institutions deciding not to bank state legalized cannabis businesses have many decisions to make regarding what their policy means in real world of the teller line.  All of these issues are playing out against the backdrop of a fast developing, and growing, cannabis and hemp industries. The NASCUS Cannabis Banking Symposium explores an array of topics, including: The Business Cycle of Cannabis; BSA/AML Compliance; Cannabis and Insurance; and The Role of Technology in Cannabis Compliance.

NASCUS Washington Executive Forum

July 10

SeaTac, WA

Hosted with the Washington Department of Financial Institutions, Oregon Department of Financial Institution, Idaho Department of Finance and the Northwest Credit Union Association, the one-day session will focus on state issues in the states for both credit union volunteers and staff.

NASCUS State System Summit 2019

Aug. 13-16, 2019

San Francisco, CA

Our State System Summit is a unique event which brings together credit union regulators and practitioners for mutual exchange and dialog. It's a rewarding opportunity for both groups, as they listen to ideas, share thoughts and look for solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing the state credit union system through dialog and networking. You, your directors and your staff can take advantage of this outstanding opportunity too -- to participate in educational workshops, insightful discussions and networking events geared specifically toward the state credit unions system - CEOs, state regulators and industry leaders!

Fraud School

Aug. 27

Ann Arbor, MI

Some of today’s most damaging risks are not always originated from malicious outsiders, but rather from trusted insiders. Unfortunately, employee fraud, dishonesty, and embezzlement schemes typically last longer and result in more severe losses. Don’t rely on the famous last words, “It won’t happen to us!” At the NASCUS Fraud School you will hear real-life loss scenarios, identify key warning signs to look for, and learn which loss controls should be implemented to hold individuals responsible for their actions and minimize operational and reputational risk.

NASCUS 101 Member Orientation

Oct. 24, 2019; 2 p.m. ET (one hour)

Webinar (no charge)

Join us for either one (or both) of our one-hour webinars that brings members, prosepective members or anyone else interested in NASCUS (the voice of the state credit union system). These events explain: The unique leadership composition of NASCUS (through state regulators and credit unions); the association’s distinctive membership model that includes state regulatory agencies, credit unions, credit union leagues, and industry partners (associate members); association accreditation programs, committees, the National Institute of State Credit Union Examination (NISCUE). There is no charge for either of the events; advance registration is required (watch this space for more information to come about registration).

BSA Certification Conference

Nov. 18-21

Tempe, AZ

As the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) related crimes continue to evolve, it's extremely important for credit union practitioners and supervisors to keep up with these new forms of illicit trafficking and money laundering to stay compliant and protect your members. Attendance at the 2018 CUNA Bank Secrecy Act Certification Conference, presented with NASCUS, ensures participants will learn about this vital Act, the recent changes affecting its implementation and industry best practices to help all stay compliant. Attendance at this program also offers the opportunity to certify or recertify for the Bank Secrecy Act Compliance Specialist (BSACS) designation.

Industry days

Industry Days

An up-close look at the state regulatory agenda and practices is offered to credit union leaders — board and executive staff — at these exclusive gatherings with state regulatory officials. Hosted by NASCUS in conjunction with local state supervisors, these intense, one-day programs bring credit union regulators and practitioners face-to-face to share experiences and ideas about developing a stronger state credit union system in their states.

Exam schools

Examiner Schools

These multiple-day schools sponsored by NASCUS offer state examiners a complete look at the ever-changing regulatory environment, with a thorough run-down of the impact on federally insured, state-chartered credit unions from new or proposed federal regulations. In sum: these schools offer participants solid footing in today’s regulatory structure.

Directors colleges

Directors' Colleges

Our Directors’ Colleges are among the only venues in the credit union meeting space where credit union directors — along with senior credit union staff — can hear first-hand from state regulators and learn of their expectations of credit union directors, and the issues that directors will confront, including BSA requirements, cyber security, succession planning, interest rate risk, national issues and much more.


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Presentation from Nov. 1, 2018 NASCUS 101 webinar

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About our Education & Training program ...

NASCUS is committed to providing superior, quality training and education to state credit union examiners and state credit union managers and staff. The NASCUS Education Committee knows that strong educational offerings for the state credit union examination force and state credit union managers are key to maintaining the safety and soundness of the credit union system.

The National Institute of State Credit Union Examination (NISCUE), through the generosity of NASCUS Credit Union Advisory Council members, funds training programs specifically for state credit union examiners. For more information on NISCUE click here.

For more information about NASCUS educational programs or to register for programs, please contact Isaida Woo via e-mail at or call (703) 528-0796. Throughout the year we add sessions based on the needs of NASCUS members, so be sure to check here for updates.

Additional Education Opportunities for Examiners

The NASCUS Online University (State Examiners Only)

The NASCUS Online University students have free access to more than 150 courses focused on providing familiarity with the trends and issues facing credit unions. The course formats are succinct one- to two-hour modules. Located online at, state examiners can access the University 24 hours a day, seven days a week! This program is valuable for new examiners as well as seasoned examiners looking to update their knowledge and skills. For more information regarding the Online University, contact Brian Knight at