August 24, 2009

NASCUS and State Regulators Look Forward to Working with Matz

ARLINGTON, Va. — Today, as Deborah Matz is sworn in as National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Chairman, NASCUS and state regulators express congratulations and expect to continue a strong state and federal regulator working relationship with the new Chairman.

"NASCUS and state regulators look forward to working with Ms. Matz once again as she returns to the agency," said NASCUS President and CEO Mary Martha Fortney. "There are critical matters facing the credit union system and ongoing regulator dialogue will be crucial and necessary. We expect the state and federal regulator working relationship to continue to strengthen under Ms. Matz's leadership. State regulators and NCUA share a strong commitment to continued safety and soundness and to working collaboratively on emerging issues."

Matz will meet with NASCUS on Tuesday, August 25 to discuss issues of significance to state and federal regulators. Matz's term expires April 10, 2015.

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Kate Hartig, VP, Public Relations and Legislative Affairs, (703) 528-0669 or
The NASCUS mission is to enhance state credit union supervision and advocate a safe and sound state credit union system.