Feb. 23, 2018


The National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) is proud to welcome two prominent industry leaders to the organization’s governing bodies. Charles A. Vice, who currently serves as Kentucky’s Finance Commissioner will join NASCUS’s national Board of Directors, while Brian Wolfburg, CEO of Florida’s VyStar Credit Union which holds more than seven billion-dollar in assets, recently joined NASCUS’s Credit Union Advisory Council.

“The expertise and strategic leadership they bring to the table will only strengthen NASCUS’s work to help shape the future of the state credit union system,” said NASCUS CEO, Lucy Ito. “As a thought leader for our industry, NASCUS is always looking to address tomorrow’s issues today. Their insights will help ensure we remain focused on the issues that both regulators and credit union leaders need to know about.”

As a member of the NASCUS Board of Directors, Mr. Vice will join a team of fellow state regulators who, along with NASCUS leadership, are tasked with providing strategic oversight and direction for the association. Mr. Wolfburg will join a council of fellow credit union CEOs and senior leaders. As a member of the Credit Union Advisory Council, Mr. Wolfburg will advise the NASCUS board on issues affecting state-chartered credit unions, with a particular emphasis on preserving the dual chartering system and representing the interests of state-chartered credit unions.

Information Contact:
James Tyll, Vice President, Communications, jtyll@nascus.org

The National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS) is the primary resource and voice of the state governmental agencies that charter, regulate and examine the nation’s state-chartered credit unions. NASCUS membership is made up of state-chartered credit unions, state regulators and other supporters of the state credit union system. NASCUS is the only organization dedicated to the defense and promotion of the state credit union charter and the autonomy of state credit union regulatory agencies.