Summary: NCUA Proposal, Call Report Modernization

Prepared by NASCUS Legislative & Regulatory Affairs Department
March 2018

NCUA is continuing its initiative, begun in 2016, to update and modernize the 5300 Call Report for credit unions. NCUA has proposed changes that it says will:

  • Reduce roughly 40% of account codes
  • Reduce the Profile input by 20%

NCUA has dedicated a resource page to the agency’s Call Report Modernization initiative.

Comments are due NCUA by close of business on April 2, 2018.


The Call Report currently in use by NCUA has 1,523 account codes. The revised version proposed by NCUA would retire 1,017 account codes and add 413 new account codes needed to accommodate changes such as FASB’s change to CECL (current expected credit losses) and RBC (risk-based capital). As a result, the proposed revised Call Report would have 919 account codes. The proposed revised Call Report also contains schedules reorganized by program and is designed to facilitate a user interface planned for NCUA CU Online as part of the NCUA’s Enterprise Solutions Modernization. NCUA has also revised the Call Report instructions.

Finally, NCUA is proposing changes to The Profile, eliminating approximately 150 data elements and attributes.

NCUA has asked commenters to consider the following questions:

  • Are there account codes that are proposed to be retired that are still pertinent?
  • Are there additional account codes that should be retired or consolidated?
  • Are relocated account codes grouped logically?
  • Should any of the schedules be expanded to assist in analysis based on new rules or accounting changes?
  • Are the instructions adequate in both content and design?
  • How much lead time do credit unions need to work with vendors to make changes to their systems in order to support such changes to the Call Report?
  • Are there any other operational issues the NCUA should be aware of prior to implementing the proposed changes?
  • From your perspective, do you think this is a reduction in your reporting burden?