Call Report and Profile Distribution Process Changing Beginning with December 2012 Cycle

October 28, 2012 - As part of their Green Initiatives, NCUA is changing the Call Report and Profile distribution process. NCUA will no longer provide letters to or for online filing credit unions. Instead, NCUA will send an email message to all online filers outlining the due date and any other critical information about the cycle.

NCUA will continue to provide a letter and paper copies of the Call Report and Profile forms to credit unions who manually file by sending the materials directly to the credit unions or by providing them to the state agencies that perform their own distribution. For states that perform the distribution, NCUA will maintain electronic delivery of the cycle letters for manually filing credit unions to state agency mailboxes for distribution.

NCUA will make the following additional modifications:

All State Agencies
We will no longer ship hard copy form and instruction booklets. The forms and instructions are available for viewing, downloading, or printing from within Credit Union Online or on NCUA’s website at the following link:

State Agencies Doing Their Own Distribution
These states will receive a sufficient number of Call Report and Profile booklets for the manually filing credit unions in your state. If there are any additional questions about these changes, please contact the Office of Examination and Insurance.

For any other questions, please call Tammy Gentilini at (703) 518-6636 or email

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