Colorado's Sooper Credit Union Announces Solar Panel Loan Program

May 1, 2012 -   Sooper Credit Union, Denver, Colo., announced a partnership with Clean Energy Collective (CEC) to make loans available to consumers and businesses that buy into CEC community-owned solar gardens.

According to Sooper CU, the program is the first of its kind in the nation to address the community-owned solar panel marketplace with low-interest loans. Sooper CU members can buy a single panel for as little as $535 or as many as needed to completely power their home or business. 

“We are excited to have created this pioneering loan program with the Clean Energy Collective,” said Dan Kester, CEO of Sooper Credit Union in an April 19, 2012 press release. “We see the rapidly growing solar market as an opportunity to help all of our members and communities own clean renewable power at affordable rates." Kester serves as Secretary of the NASCUS Credit Union Advisory Council. Sooper CU is a state-chartered credit union based in Denver, Colorado. 

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