McDaniel Begins Service, Idol and Tierney Continue Service on NASCUS Credit Union Executive Council, Fouch Re-appointed

Denver, CO - The NASCUS Credit Union Advisory Council held its 2012 Annual Meeting on Sept. 12 in Denver where three state credit union CEOs began new terms on NASCUS' Credit Union Executive Council. One state credit union CEO was newly elected. The Credit Union Advisory Council is governed by the Executive Council, a group of 12 directors who are credit union executives from around the country.

Ron McDaniel, California Credit Union, was newly elected to represent District 4 in a three-year term. Patty Idol, Mountain Credit Union, TN, will continue to represent District 2 for a three-year term, expiring September 2015. Cathie Tierney, Community First Credit Union, WI, will continue to serve as a District 3 director for another three-year term. Dan Kester, Sooper Credit Union, CO will also continue to represent District 4.

Credit Union Advisory Council Chairman Catherine Tierney re-appointed Bob Fouch, CEO of Corporate Central Credit Union in Wisconsin to serve a three-year term as the representative of the corporate system.

The Executive Council also elected its officers. Tierney continues to serve as Chairman, Childs is the Chairman-elect and Kester is the Secretary.

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