‘Great flood’ in LA ‘worse than any hurricane ever’

Aug. 17, 2016 -- With initial reports of many Louisiana credit unions or branches closed as a result of flooding after heavy rains, local state officials are reporting an inundation as bad, if not worse, than any hurricane.

According to reports sent to NASCUS by Louisiana regulators, the heavy rains hit hardest the state capital of Baton Rouge and areas east and south of the city. “Some areas worse than any hurricane ever,” with multiple feet over record flood stages, and huge numbers of people affected, according to local reports. The rains were caused not by a tropical cyclone, but by a slow-moving, low-pressure weather system.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, NCUA announced it was closely monitoring the situation to determine the operating status of credit unions in the flooded areas.

Dubbed “the great flood of 2016,” news reports have indicated that among the CUs reporting branch closures were: Ascension CU, Jefferson Financial CU, Lafayette Schools CU, Pelican State CU, Allied Plastics FCU, Baton Rouge City Parish EFCU, Baton Rouge Fire Department FCU, Baton Rouge Telco FCU, Bayou FCU, BRECO FCU, Campus FCU, Eagle FCU, EFCU Financial, Essential FCU, La Capitol FCU, LES FCU, Louisiana FCU, Maple FCU, Neighbor FCU, and Shell Geismar FCU.

Meanwhile, the National Credit Union Foundation has activated “CUAid.coop” to raise funds for credit union people in the state affected by the deluge. CUAid.coop is an online disaster relief system that allows credit union people to contribute directly in support of other credit union people, according to the Foundation.

CUAid.coop online contribution center