Nominations for CFPB’s CU Council open Jan. 16

Jan. 3, 2017 -- Nominations for appointment to the CFPB’s Credit Union Council (CUAC) will open in about two weeks (Jan. 16), with an application due by an interested candidate on or before March 1 to be considered for a slot on the council,

The bureau expects to announce selection of new members in August to the CUAC (as well as the Consumer Advisory Board and Community Bank Advisory Council).

Members of the councils and board are drawn from representatives of consumers, communities, the financial services industry and academics, according to the bureau. Appointments to the board are typically for three years and appointments to the councils are typically for two years, CFPB stated. The agency also noted that “Only complete applications will be given consideration for review of membership on the Board and Councils,” and that “the bureau will not entertain applications of federally registered lobbyists for a position.”

Applications may be submitted electronically (strongly encouraged by CFPB), or by mail or courier. See the link below to the notice in the Federal Register for complete submission addressing details.

FR notice/CUAC nominations sought by CFPB

Application for nomination to councils, board