Agency targets 12 rules for review in 2017

March 27, 2017 -- Twelve regulations will be reviewed by NCUA in 2017 as part of its regulatory review, a process in which the agency reviews all of its existing regulations over a three-year period, the agency recently announced. Comments will be due by Aug. 14.

Among the rules subject to review: rules of NCUA board procedure and public observation of board meetings, and; Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance.

In a one-page notice posted on its website by the agency's office of general counsel, 12 rules that are part of the review are listed, which are:




Security Program, Report of Suspected Crimes, Suspicious Transactions,
Catastrophic Acts and Bank Secrecy Act Compliance


Records Preservation Program and Appendices – Record Retention Guidelines; Catastrophic Act Preparedness Guidelines


Golden Parachute and Indemnification Payments


Loans in Areas Having Special Flood Hazards


Registration of Residential Mortgage Loan Originators


Description of NCUA; Requests for Agency Action


Rules of NCUA Board Procedure; Promulgation of NCUA Rules and Regulations; Public Observation of NCUA Board Meetings


Requests for Information under the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act, and by Subpoena; Security Procedures for Classified Information


Tort Claims Against the Government


Enforcement of Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicap in Programs or Activities Conducted by the National Credit Union Administration


Post-Employment Restrictions for Certain NCUA Examiners


Procedures for Debt Collection


“NCUA’s goal is to ensure that all of our regulations are clearly articulated and easily understood,” the NCUA notice states. “Comments are welcome on that aspect, as well as substantive suggestions for regulatory changes.

The notice also states that the agency general counsel maintains a rolling review schedule that identifies one third of NCUA’s existing regulations for review each year and provides notice to the public of those regulations under review so the public may have an opportunity to comment.

Comments may be e-mailed to OGCMAIL@NCUA.GOV or mailed to Regulatory Review (2017), Office of General Counsel, National Credit Union Administration, 1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3428. For e-mailed comments, please include the words “Regulatory Review (2017)” in the subject line.

NASCUS matrix of proposed rules (with link to regulatory review notice)