Ohio’s Top Credit Union Regulator Named to NASCUS Board

March 14, 2011 - The Ohio credit union regulator and an Ohio state credit union executive were recently appointed to NASCUS leadership.

NASCUS Chairman Tom Candon (VT) appointed Michael Wettrich, the Deputy Superintendent for Credit Unions for the Ohio Department of Commerce, to fill an unexpired term ending in September 2011. Wettrich has been with the Department for more than 12 years and was appointed Deputy Superintendent for Credit Unions in November 2010.

In addition, Credit Union Advisory Council Chairman Parker Cann (BECU, Washington) appointed Michael Kurish, president and CEO of Associated Schools Employees Credit Union, in Youngstown, Ohio, to fill an unexpired term on the NASCUS Credit Union Executive Council ending in September 2011. Kurish has served as president and CEO of his credit union since 1985.

The Executive Council also elected Linda Childs, president and CEO of Knoxville Post Office Credit Union, Knoxville, Tennessee, to be Secretary of the Council. The Credit Union Executive Council is comprised of 12 credit union executives that serve in an advisory capacity to NASCUS.

“NASCUS welcomes these new voices to our leadership,” said NASCUS President and CEO Mary Martha Fortney. “We are pleased to have their perspectives, especially considering Ohio has such a significant voice in the state credit union system. NASCUS looks forward to working with them during the coming months.”