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NASCUS is the only organization exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing a strong state credit union system. Established in 1965, state credit union regulators formed NASCUS to promote the safety and soundness of state-chartered credit unions.

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Board to consider reorg, merger rule -- NASCUS Report
Dec. 8, 2017 -- NCUA Board will finalize its reorganization plan anc coinsider new rule on emergency mergers; also: 5th FICU liquidated; volunatary diversity checklist due; tax conference; reg relief bill; GAO and indirect lending; Montana and private share insurance -- and more. READ

Letter outlines support for advertising changes, with some suggestions
Dec. 5, 2017 -- The state credit union system supports NCUA’s proposal to extend the exemption to the mandatory use of the official advertising statement for radio and television advertisements to those ads that are 30 seconds long, matching the exemption that the FDIC provides federally insured banks, NASCUS wrote in its official comment letter to NCUA.

Commitment to improving shared supervision of FISCUs reiterated
Dec. 5, 2017 -- NASCUS remains committed to continuing its work to improving the shared supervision program of federally insured state chartered credit unions (FISCUs) with NCUA, and recommends that the agency work with state regulators to identify new course material needed to prepare examiners for the supervisory challenges of the future, NASCUS has written in its official comment letter on the NCUA draft strategic plan for 2018-22. READ

Wisconsin gets prize-linked savings
Dec. 4, 2017 -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has signed into law Assembly Bill 283, which authorizes credit unions, state-chartered banks and other savings institutions to conduct prize-linked savings promotions. READ

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