NASCUS is the state credit union regulatory voice before Congress, federal agencies and the credit union system.



NASCUS is committed to providing ongoing and progressive training for state examiners.



NASCUS is the nationwide network for state credit union regulatory resources and information sharing.

NASCUS is the only organization exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing a strong state credit union system. Established in 1965, state credit union regulators formed NASCUS to promote the safety and soundness of state-chartered credit unions.

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Ito: NCUA letter on OTR represents ‘progress’ on issue
AUG. 3, 2015 -- A trade journal is reporting about a letter sent by the NCUA Office of General Counsel to NASCUS by certified mail, which outlines the agency’s disagreement with a legal analysis prepared by the association and concludes that the overhead transfer rate (OTR) is subject to “notice and comment” under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). READ

3 schools in 3 states highlight September education calendar

JULY 31, 2015 -- Three schools in three states -- CT, OH and CO -- for credit union management, directors and volunteers focusing on cyber security basics, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) requirements, exam concerns, directors’ responsibilities and other key credit union issues will be conducted by the NASCUS during September. READ

2011 Report: NCUA should solicit public feedback on OTR
JULY 27, 2015 -- NCUA should “possibly” solicit feedback from stakeholders about how it classifies its “insurance related” and operational activities for the purposes of determining the overhead transfer rate (OTR), according to a national accounting firm in an unedited 2011 report made public by the agency. READ

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